Biophilic Light is a continuation on the ‘Biophilic Materials’ project. Research has shown that the intrinsic bond we have with nature, called biophilia, grants us with positive energy. Stress is one of the many negative aspects of life that can be reduced through the biophilia hypothesis, even with artificial nature.


Biophilic Light combines the fascination for this theory with a sustainable view on everyday renewable resources. Its lampshade is a bioplastic combined with green earth, making it 100% biodegradable. The light behind the material emits the true sophisticated traces of nature as it literally spreads its positive feelings through light.


This work highlights a different side of the material bioplastic by clarifying the association with nature in it. By incorporating the material into a minimalistic lighting design, it can be applied to the interior. 


Biophilic Light received an Award during the International Green Interior Awards 2017 in the category Student Product Innovation.