The beauty of living material


The project ‘Humid Nature’ shows the diversity of living material. Because we are entering a new era, The Anthropocene, our awareness of material choices becomes more and more important. ‘Humid Nature’ interacts with our actions of modern life. We produce moisture by daily activities in our homes. This project turns the most negative property of the material bio-plastic into something useful. By manipulating the original bio-plastic recipe, the material attracts extreme moisture. It shows that a living material can easily attract our senses. The most important reason for that is the following: if we sense, we also make sense. With this project Laura wants to raise awareness about the fact that all our human actions are in contact with the natural environment. Trying to bring back our sense of wonder for nature.


‘Humid Nature’ is a minimalistic interior object. Introducing the use of biomaterial in our interior and giving bio-plastic the aesthetics it deserves. The frame is made of second hand steel to show the importance of durable design and the use of waste for new purpose.